Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cubes from the holidays Part 3

This is the last of the cubes that I got during the holidays, the V-Cube 7 Illusion. Before I edited it, it was a boring 6 minute video because I kept talking while the camera was rolling.  After I edited it, it's down under three minutes and I hope that my sense of humor is still intact and I didn't give away too much about how to solve it.

The background music is a silly remix of some cover song my band is working on - it was preferable to listening to the camera's slightly noisy autofocus.

I really am excited about the V-Cube in general now. Since its invention, it has respawned interest in large cubing, and interest in making improvements to the cube mechanisms themselves. I am not particularly speedy at large cubes, but I do enjoy them.

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