Monday, May 29, 2017

Another odd cube, and some science.

The other thing that I got last month for my birthday that was cube-related was a Rubik's cube decorated like the Hellraiser puzzle box.

While I had the tripod set up, I also did a quick science experiment. When the new plastic tile Rubik's cubes came out a couple of years ago, one of them became my permanent beach cube. Within a couple of days of getting it, I was at an all-day beach event that meant a lot of sunscreen application would be required. A few seconds after putting sunscreen on my hands the first time, I grabbed my beach cube and wiped my thumb across the logo, which removed most of the logo with minimal effort. I lost that cube the other weekend, and got a new one, and had to know if the new logo was going to be removed by sunscreen like the old one had. Here's a picture of the two logos that you're likely to find on a Rubik's brand cube made after 2013. The logo on the left was the first one to be released.

The old one had a logo like the cube on the left, my new beach cube has a logo like the one on the right. You can see that the logo on the cube on the left is already beat up a bit, even without complicated chemical agents. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I just let the camera roll anyway - it's not really science if you already think you know how it's going to turn out.